The Mind Diet

Most diets I hear about these days are all based on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat but I am not seeing the "Why to eat".

Our mind is the most powerful tool when it comes to healthy eating and making the right choices.

One of the ideas I adopted many years ago when I lost 35 kg/70lbs was one simple phrase, "Do I really need that?" this one phrase, which I still use today, helped me understand why I was making the wrong choices.

  1. Am I full or am I just overeating?

  2. Am I bored?

  3. Am I just going along with everyone else's bad choices to fit in (peer pressure)?

  4. Is this type of food going to hurt my body, ie give me Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancers?

  5. Is this type of food going to be locked into my fat cells never to come back out?

  6. Is this type of food going to create inflammation that impacts my joints, movement, bones, muscles and brain?

  7. Does this type of food bring me happiness?

  8. Does this type of food make me feel guilty?

When I think of this phrase I think of all the questions listed and then make other choices like What type of food do I want? How much food do I want? Do I need to eat? and What can I do otherwise like some sort of exercise or activity. I have a longer list of activities in my book The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet, go to the link The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet ( I hope this helps.

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