New Pill for Lipoedemics

You may not be aware but Lipoedema advances with estrogen and this can come in many ways.

Puberty, Pregnancy, and the dreaded Menopause but we can unknowingly consume estrogen with contraception pills, Mirena devices, topical creams, and implants.

We can also uptake estrogen through plastics, (the average adult consumes up to 600 micrograms of plastic stored in their intestines each day) and higher estrogen foods.

I have always tried to guide patients away from as much estrogen intake as possible because I have seen the effects and they can come on quite quickly and I, personally, don't take anything to keep the progression of the disease down as much as possible, but when it is all weighed up taking the pill outranks because of the risk of pregnancy, which I totally understand.

When the pill was first introduced in the 1960's it contained 150 micrograms of estrogen, then it dropped to 50 micrograms, then 35 micrograms which are considered a "low dose" and now we have available the new "Slinda" which contains 4 micrograms and lessens the risk of blood clots, it sounds like a "win-win" to me.

NB: I would encourage patients to speak with their Doctor for any advice relating to this product.

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