Face Masks Healthy for Skin Bad for Heart

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

During this time in lockdown, I wanted to do a little pampering for myself as I never get the time.

I have done my nails and I actually have some nails to do at the moment because when I'm working in the clinic I have them shortened for hygiene purposes, then I shaved all the bits which were quite jungle-like, done the full body moisturising every day because during winter I always get quite dry, (partly because of peri-menopause also), put in the hair dye, (all natural of course), and thought about one of those skin masks.

I'm quite anal about doing any research before putting anything on my skin and that is why I developed my lotion NewLymLotion (newlymphclinic.com.au) so I started doing the research for these skin masks and I found out something very horrifyingly interesting.

The vast majority of these masks contain "Hydrogenised Oil" ie Trans Fats. I wrote about the devastating effects of trans fats in my book The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet (newlymphclinic.com.au).

According to the World Health Organisation, Trans Fats were supposed to be out of all products, (they are mainly found in food), 2 years ago but I have seen a sharp increase in their use here in Australia. This oil creates cholesterol which in turn creates heart disease, the number one killer in the world, and by putting these masks on your face you are directly absorbing this oil into your system via the Lymphatics. Needless to say, I didn't purchase one.

The effects of these fats can be reversed and I will write about them in another blog, so stay tuned.

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