Cold Feet No More

I suffer from extremely cold feet due to my Cutaneous Hyperthermia from my Lipoedema and Reynaud's Syndrome and last week I started to get a Chilblain.

Luckily I know the warning signs as my Mother had these when I was growing up so I went on a mission to find some relief and I came across Copper Socks, (as pictured).

I am a born skeptic so I have worn them a number of times varying the length of time worn and time of day for when my feet are at their coldest and to my low expectations I was pleasantly surprised to feel that my feet actually felt warm, not overly warm but warm enough for me to be comfortable. They are made of cotton which is perfect for our Lymphatic system, as cotton breaths and they have copper strips sewn in which provides the warmth generator, they stay up and don't cut into my legs so win-win. I wouldn't recommend them for ladies who have bigger calves of a 40-50 cm circumference as I think they would cut in and that would defeat the purpose. So give them a go, just google them and go from there.

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