Can't get out to do what you love? Then head to Youtube.

I am now currently in full lockdown and for how long is anyone's guess. I have been worried that by not being able to go very far I may fall into the trap of getting lazy and not being bothered, which is bad for my mental health and Lipoedema, so I went looking for things to do.

In the past week, I have cleaned the house, washed everything, clipped and washed the dog and all her bedding, pulled out all the weeds from my yard, cleaned out old photos, cleaned out old files on my computer, and redone items in my clinic Newcastle Lymphoedema, Lipoedema Clinic ( Week 1 down of the lockdown, have kept myself busy and kept up my sleeping routine.

Week Two. I have recently found some great exercise routines on Youtube. I simply typed in "Walk at Home" and found heaps of exercise videos for all ages and fitness levels you would be very surprised as I was on how many there were, so I booked marked a lot of them to give myself some variety.

My limit of a 5 km radius to go anywhere doesn't allow me to drive to the water and simply watch if I want so I found by typing in "Water Scenes" into Youtube on my TV or Computer some great moving water and waterfall scenes came up so I have made up my own personal stretching regime and will play these videos while doing it. I'm very excited to start today. I hope you find them great also.

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